What's New in Belmont

At last Tuesday's City Council meeting, our new Fire Marshal, Robert Marshall, gave the council a presentation on the WIldfire Mitigation Program, which started in April 2018.

Early Election Results

While many, many ballots are remain to be counted, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Belmont community for allowing me to continue to work for you for the next four years.

AYSO Soccer Season Almost Over!

This weekend was one of the last games for AYSO's soccer season 2018! Julia was able to root for the team our campaign sponsored, the Dark Blue Cheetahs, last Saturday.

Elections are Coming!

Elections are just around the corner.  Now, more than ever, I need your support.  Would you be willing to reach out to 5 friends and make sure that they are voting on November 6th?  Every vote matters.  Your vote matters.  Your

A Great Weekend for Belmont!

 This weekend’s events showed what a great community we are here in Belmont! Saturday Julia handed out medals as runners, kids, and dogs crossed the finish line at Belmont’s first Water Dog Run.

The race is really on!

Friends and Neighbors, if I can just have a moment of your time? I've worked really hard these past 5 months to listen to your priorities and earn your vote.


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