I have been Working for You as your City Council member, Planning Commissioner, school volunteer and local scout leader during my years in Belmont.  Please join my growing coalition in addressing the following priorities, together.

Maintain 911 Response

My family and I moved to Belmont because of its safe neighborhoods.  I’ll continue to ensure rapid 911 response times and neighborhood police staffing levels are the top priority for our City. And in these challenging times, we all need to work together to make sure our public school sites are safe and secure.

Aging Infrastructure

Our City maintains 69 miles of streets and roads! Belmont voters adopted Measure I in 2016 to fix potholes and repair aging streets, sidewalks and storm-drains. I’ll keep the community informed about these projects and the Citizens Oversight Committee updates assuring that funds are spent responsibly.

Traffic Congestion

A top concern for us all is traffic, including congestion on boulevards like Alameda and Ralston.  We need to develop plans that ensure our police, and fire responders are not bottlenecked and traffic management measures are in place to address cut-through neighborhood traffic.

Keeping Belmont Family Friendly

As a mom, maintaining our parks, open spaces and sports fields is a top priority for the enjoyment of families and residents of all generations.

Support Julia

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